“Nout” needs you !

The project “Nout” is looking for funding and/or looking for an industrial partner to manufacture a prototype demonstrator (CNRA) of this tow plane with outstanding performance.
After the necessary approvals, this CNRA will open the type for the manufacture of kits (CNSK) to Europeans gliding clubs..


The development of this physical model go through two phases to validate what is important without spending all the money.

First phase: The Power plant
for which it is important to check first:
(The test is doing on a fixed frame on the ground)

  • Vibratory behavior of the powerplant
  • Motor cradle mechanical strength under rotational irregularity of the crankshaft.
  • Checking mechanical strenght of the gearbox
  • Maximum propeller tractive force on ground
  • Well integration under the hood
  • Engine cooling on ground.


LF39_Face_254x120(The chosen engine is LF 39 by D-motor)

Second phase: The cell and power plant integration
to highlight the expected performances:

  • Behaviors in flight and on ground
  • takeoff speeds
  • climb speed (not towing)
  • Approvals, endurance during duty cycles.
  • Once this is made possible by the authorities, towing performance.
  • Consumption …


Nout ” is the only tow plane designed specifically for this task .
With certification, according to the CS-VLA standard, its unusual performance  will make this a safe tool for all European countries.

If you want to take part to the “ Nout ” project and offer to the gliding a securizing tow-plane go to the Contact  page, I’ll reply quickly.

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