According to the description of towing energy, “Nout” was made to obtain a maximum climb velocity at 120 km/h (average velocity for glider towing).

thereby :

  • A minimization of its energy consumed by the cell
  • A maximization of its power output

give the following performances…

on this graph we can see that, “Nout” is able to have a climb velocity of (standard atmosphere):

  • 6.2 m/s with a single-seat glider towed
  • 4.2 m/s with a two-seat glider towed

These ones have not to be compared to vertical speed optained arround our airfeilds because pressure and temparature in summer make decrease engine power and other parameters. However it increases significantly the performances encountered so far with classics certified aircrafts (Rallye and DR400) or contemporary tow planes based on microlight aircrafts.

Nout” is also made to have good performances on a large speed range. It is able to tow vintage gliders (under 100 km/h) or contemporary plastic gliders (over 120 km/h).


Nout’s powerplant gives a good climb velocity and a strong acceleration what gives safety to takeoff.

Takeoff is fast, on a short distance and the initial slope is strong.

The traction of the large propeller is much stronger than that of the small propellers present on the current tow planes.
We obtain the following performances on takeoff:


Technically, “Nout” is a tow plane much more powerful than the whole of the tow plane present on the airfield gliding.
The cost of the towing is strongly dependent at the time of engine use, it is obvious that “Nout” brings a technical-economic solution to the problem of the management of the clubs of gliding.
Nout” joins together the major vectors reducing the cost of the towing:

  • reduced cycle time (shortened by high climb velocity).
  • A sober engine (130 HP used at continuous 90 HP) consuming MOGAS (This engine is able to 100LL).
  • An acquisition cost and reduced maintenance.

In comparison with a Rallye 893E, here is a simulation showing the cycle by gain expected when using the tow plane “ Nout ”

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